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Calling the disease "impotence", we understand what is behind it. Usually people do not think about the problems of those who have been overtaken by this disease. The inability of a man to perform sexual intercourse is impotence. It's very good if this case didn't touch you. If a patient has problems that do not allow him to live a measured sexual life, the aforementioned disease begins to manifest itself. In medicine, these symptoms characterize erectile dysfunction.

In order to understand the causes of the formation of this sensitive disease and tell about the options for getting rid of it, it is necessary to learn in detail the main features of the anatomy and physiology of the male reproductive organ and the process of its activation. This organ consists of one spongy and two cavernous bodies. The cavernous bodies are close to each other and their appearance resembles a rod. There is a spongy tissue at the bottom, the head of the penis is its continuation. All these formations have a separate blood supply, that is, they have their own artery, which receives blood containing oxygen, and a vein through which blood without oxygen enters the lungs.

In each sexual organ there are cavities, or lacunae, in fact, these are small formations, thanks to them, an erection occurs. Let's take a closer look at this. With sexual arousal, an unconditional physiological movement begins to occur. The aorta, on which the cave body feeds on blood, increases in size, and the veins, on the contrary, are at rest. As a result, the caves are filled with blood, and as a result, an erection begins. All other tissues of the male reproductive organ, not counting the skin, go into the position of ischemia, that is, they lack a certain amount of blood. It follows from the above that too often a man commits prolonged sexual acts, which leads to physiological disorders.

The presence of large problems in the body that can cause a pathological condition, and affects the ability to fully perform sexual and reproductive functions. There can be many causes of disorders: for example, taking certain medications, disorders in the endocrine system, disorders of the vascular and neurological systems.

Often urologists at work identify problems in the higher nervous activity of men, that is, psychogenic erectile dysfunction. Let's talk about this in more detail. Endocrine causes are divided into hypogonadism (changes in the sex glands and low testosterone production), pituitary tumor (formation in the brain), various disorders in the thyroid gland or the presence of diabetes mellitus.

Men who have been diagnosed with erectile dysfunction should be especially attentive to the medications they take. Sometimes the causes of negative phenomena in the work of the reproductive organ are hidden just in taking medications. Examples of such drugs may be antidepressants, allergy medications, hormonal medications, tranquilizers, medications taken to stabilize blood pressure. However, it is impossible to radically change anything on the way of taking medications, even if they enhance negative changes in erectile function. At the end of taking drugs, everything falls into place.

The list of medications, the use of which significantly improves erection, is huge. There is some subtlety here: the funds will help in one case: if the failures occurred due to local mechanisms, for example, a small amount of blood flow to the arteries, the presence of an atherosclerotic process or a very large outflow of blood in the veins.

At the end of the 20th century, the production of a drug called Viagra began, and it is used in the treatment of sexual dysfunction, being the leader in the number of sales. The popularity of this remedy has led to the fact that many men have decided: as soon as you start taking this medicine, and the disease will disappear pretty quickly. Thanks to this, Viagra is considered the best-selling drug.

Such an opinion can lead to sad consequences, because Viagra is not a harmless dietary supplement, but a very effective quality medicine with its undesirable consequences. Among them are visual disturbances, kidney disorders, pressure drops. It can happen, however, very rarely, a small pulmonary hemorrhage. There is a possibility of allergies in the form of bronchial spasms, itching, edema. If you still decide that you should definitely take this drug, you should consult with specialists before taking the drug. This is simply necessary for the following diseases: blood cancer, sickle cell anemia, eye diseases, gastrointestinal diseases, and other health problems.

Attention! You can't self-medicate. Only after receiving the advice of an experienced doctor, you will be able to provide effective, proven treatment with a minimum set of negative consequences.

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